Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Tips to get traffic from Pinterest

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Tips to get traffic from Pinterest

Create your own content pin.

Create a valuable visual content for your blog, so everyone had a doubt, what is valuable visual content?
Make a board in a form with image of text with a colored background which gives attention to the users of Pinterest.

Articles and Tutorials

Most of the Pinterest users shares helpful information. 

while writing a content think about what kind of information that your visitors values your article, and make a attractive title.

Add your web links to your description and check whether the pin link is working!


Facebook and Twitter

Link your Pinterest account to Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest links only to your Facebook profile, it won’t allow you to your link business pages, so you better to choose link your account with Twitter page. 

 Linked Pinterest posts are now featured in a Facebook “album”.


Follow Users

Follow  the users and interests, follow the users and engage with the users and by repining their Content. By following the users gets other users of Pinterest will share your pins, that promote your site.


 Social behavior

Comments  and likes as you do in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, share business pins of other users, comment by using names and hash tags(#) to notify the users business, and  link your own website, blog it will show re-pins and pins made by your website

Pinning Tools

On your website insert a share, follow, pin, and like embed  button for web pages and content.  By adding Pinterest sharing button and apps will make your followers to follow you on Pinterest.  Also add other social media networking sites such as Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and Twitter to follow..

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